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Name: Paul Miles Posted: 07.16.2009 - 06:34:08 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Southfield,Michigan
Best Wishes to all, I like the new improved site,great job Richie,it was also good to see you in Detroit recently,Looking forward to the next Grizzlies reunion, will be visiting Memphis in Jan 2010 as I compete in the International Blues Competition,peace and blues-#25 Paul Miles


Name: Roger L. Wallace Posted: 07.15.2009 - 04:59:06 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
Welcome back to the new and improved Memphis website. Looking forward to hearing from all of you again.Thanks Richie for all you have done to keep this very special time in our lives, Alive!

Name: Paul Miles Posted: 08.24.2005 - 10:47:30 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Southfield, Michigan
Correction on my website it is
I will be doing some traveling this coming year and doing my music so keep your eyes and ears open.
Went to my 35 high school reunion-Paulding,Ohio had flashbacks of the Memphis Southmen Reunion and I did have classmates who remembered the team.
Again best wishes to all and your families.
Peace and Blues #25 Paul Miles

Name: Roger L. Wallace Posted: 08.08.2005 - 12:46:08 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
It is hard to believe it has been a full year since the reunion.I wish we could do that every year.I hope some of you are working on the next one?Hint Hint. I miss ya'all! Roger#84

Name: Paul Miles Posted: 07.28.2005 - 04:26:37 PM
URL: www
Hometown: southfield.michigan
A hello from the Blues Man visiting my uncle Cecil Jackson (Mesa ,Arizona) who is brother to former major baseball pitcher Grant Jackson and celebrated my son's 18th birthday(Travis Miles) with AJ Carlos A.Jackson Jr who attended U of M 74--77 I sent a congrats to John Huarte for his honor being admitted to the hall of fame for College Players and coaches ... take care all i'm sharing the site with others still doing music for the U of M fans i will be playing oct 14,15 at Enzos Sports Bar Ann Arbor on State Street,

peace and blues- Paul Miles

Name: Randy Wright Posted: 06.25.2005 - 01:19:23 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Sanibel,Fl.
Great to see a WFL site including the Memphis Southmen/Grizzlies. J.J. Jennings was my favorite player. Brings back memories,growing up in Memphis.

Name: don landrum Posted: 03.13.2005 - 01:02:59 PM
URL: www
Hometown: memphis
These were the best of times. My girlfriend now wife, and I answered phones at the telethon and were boosters. If we had gone in, we would have won 6-7 games the first year and they knew it. Remember the bus trips from the old Grisanti's?? Can the shirt be picked up in town? Next time let everyone know about this. Can anyone really get into the NASHVILLE OILERS? Don Landrum

Name: Roger L. Wallace Posted: 05.23.2005 - 12:16:17 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
I speak for everyone of the Grizzlies in Congratulating John Huarte in his induction into
the College Football Hall of Fame. John was truly a leader on and off the field.

Name: JJ JENNINGS Posted: 05.18.2005 - 02:55:35 PM
URL: www
Hometown: S. Hadley, MA
I just want to congratulate John Huarte on his election to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Name: matt huarte Posted: 05.10.2005 - 06:27:43 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Thanks for investing time into this website, it was enjoyable learning about the Grizzlies.

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