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Name: Paul Miles Posted: 07.16.2009 - 06:34:08 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Southfield,Michigan
Best Wishes to all, I like the new improved site,great job Richie,it was also good to see you in Detroit recently,Looking forward to the next Grizzlies reunion, will be visiting Memphis in Jan 2010 as I compete in the International Blues Competition,peace and blues-#25 Paul Miles


Name: Roger L. Wallace Posted: 07.15.2009 - 04:59:06 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
Welcome back to the new and improved Memphis website. Looking forward to hearing from all of you again.Thanks Richie for all you have done to keep this very special time in our lives, Alive!

Name: Paul Miles Posted: 08.24.2005 - 10:47:30 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Southfield, Michigan
Correction on my website it is
I will be doing some traveling this coming year and doing my music so keep your eyes and ears open.
Went to my 35 high school reunion-Paulding,Ohio had flashbacks of the Memphis Southmen Reunion and I did have classmates who remembered the team.
Again best wishes to all and your families.
Peace and Blues #25 Paul Miles

Name: Roger L. Wallace Posted: 08.08.2005 - 12:46:08 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
It is hard to believe it has been a full year since the reunion.I wish we could do that every year.I hope some of you are working on the next one?Hint Hint. I miss ya'all! Roger#84

Name: Paul Miles Posted: 07.28.2005 - 04:26:37 PM
URL: www
Hometown: southfield.michigan
A hello from the Blues Man visiting my uncle Cecil Jackson (Mesa ,Arizona) who is brother to former major baseball pitcher Grant Jackson and celebrated my son's 18th birthday(Travis Miles) with AJ Carlos A.Jackson Jr who attended U of M 74--77 I sent a congrats to John Huarte for his honor being admitted to the hall of fame for College Players and coaches ... take care all i'm sharing the site with others still doing music for the U of M fans i will be playing oct 14,15 at Enzos Sports Bar Ann Arbor on State Street,

peace and blues- Paul Miles

Name: Randy Wright Posted: 06.25.2005 - 01:19:23 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Sanibel,Fl.
Great to see a WFL site including the Memphis Southmen/Grizzlies. J.J. Jennings was my favorite player. Brings back memories,growing up in Memphis.

Name: don landrum Posted: 03.13.2005 - 01:02:59 PM
URL: www
Hometown: memphis
These were the best of times. My girlfriend now wife, and I answered phones at the telethon and were boosters. If we had gone in, we would have won 6-7 games the first year and they knew it. Remember the bus trips from the old Grisanti's?? Can the shirt be picked up in town? Next time let everyone know about this. Can anyone really get into the NASHVILLE OILERS? Don Landrum

Name: Roger L. Wallace Posted: 05.23.2005 - 12:16:17 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
I speak for everyone of the Grizzlies in Congratulating John Huarte in his induction into
the College Football Hall of Fame. John was truly a leader on and off the field.

Name: JJ JENNINGS Posted: 05.18.2005 - 02:55:35 PM
URL: www
Hometown: S. Hadley, MA
I just want to congratulate John Huarte on his election to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Name: matt huarte Posted: 05.10.2005 - 06:27:43 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Thanks for investing time into this website, it was enjoyable learning about the Grizzlies.

Name: Judy Weeks Posted: 03.07.2005 - 05:16:51 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Senatobia, Mississippi
I found the website trying to found Gary Shirk. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the reunion. My husband and I hosted a dinner at our home for the team when they were practicing at Northwest Mississippi Community College. We remember the Showboats and the Grizzles. Had season tickets to both and didn't miss a game. I have great pictures of many of the players. If you know how to get in touch with Gary Shirk, please let me know.

Name: Daniel Moore Posted: 02.21.2005 - 03:24:30 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Jackson, TN
Just wanted all that was interseted to know I have my autographed Larry Csonka Memphis Southmen jersey on ebay. Also, my brother has Jim Kiick away and home jersey on ebay, man what a great time that was for a high school kid to go to the Grizzly can e-mail if you have questions

Name: Ken "Frisco McGuire Posted: 02.07.2005 - 11:59:45 AM
URL: www
Hometown: St. Louis
Yes, this was as the kids say back in the day I knew a great deal of the players personnely such as DB David "Peanut Thomas, Sonny "Go For It"Hicks ,Seth Miller and many more but those are the ones that I really enjoyed.I engoyed that whole summer and fall in Memphis in 1974.How would one get in touch with these guys? It sound like you guys had a good time going down memory lane.Well, I hope I hear from someone.KeN McGuire

Name: Dan Barron Posted: 02.05.2005 - 08:37:50 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Memphis
I was one of the water boys. What great memories for me being able to be around such great players at such a great time and all at 10 years old. My uncle was Dr. Paul Williams (team Dr). Good luck to all! The Original Memphis Grizzlies!!

Name: John Posted: 01.03.2005 - 04:57:19 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Memphis
Nice to rember the "old" Grizzlies. Thanks for the memories. Who can forget the NFL telethon ticket drive?

Name: Jason Bryant Posted: 01.01.2005 - 02:32:43 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Claxton
Great site, luv the wfl!!

Name: Richard Partee Posted: 12.28.2004 - 05:04:20 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Memphis,Tn
Just wanted to say Happy Holidays.

Name: Roger Wallace Posted: 12.20.2004 - 10:30:41 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
Just want to wish all a Happy Holidays and hope to hear from all of you in the coming year.
Roger #84

Name: Dick Thornton Posted: 08.21.2004 - 07:10:54 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
From all reports and the pictures I was sent, seems a great time was had by everyone. Congrats to Roger, Joe and Ritchie for pulling it all together. Sorry I couldn't attend, but Bangkok, Thailand is a long way from Memphis and it was just impossible to get away. I was there in spirit though and hope that you had a chance to read the letter I sent. The WFL, the Grizzles and the city of Memphis all had a major impact on the following 30 years of my life and the fans, coaches, staff and most of all, my teammates will never be forgotten.

Dick Thornton #45 Defensive Captain

Name: Roger L. Wallace Posted: 08.19.2004 - 09:18:52 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, Ohio
Again, I just want to Thank you all for your attendance and making the reunion weekend one of the most memorable times of my life.The Memphis Southmen Grizzlies were truly a Team of their time.May we all do this again real soon. I love ya'all.


Name: FEST COTTON # 77 Posted: 08.18.2004 - 05:13:39 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
I would like to say thanks to Roger, Coach Joe, the Pattersons and all involved with the reunion. It was great to get together after 30yrs and still feel the respect and love that was needed to form such a great team. Many a Man will do many things in life but will Many a Man experience what I did in Memphis on Aug. 6,7,8, 2004 with Many Men.

Fest Sr. # 77

Name: John LeHeup Posted: 08.16.2004 - 01:49:33 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Belton,SC
Many thanks to Roger,Coach Eaglowski and all who participated in the reunion.I had a wonderful time and was touched by the passion and eloquence on Saturday evening.The team was great 30 years ago and remains so because of the love and respect we share.May God bless everyone.John

Name: Randy Covitz Posted: 08.11.2004 - 04:12:15 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Kansas City
I'm sorry I was unable to attend the reunion. By time I learned of it, I already had another trip planned that weekend. I hope John McVay shared a letter with you. I was sincere in saying that was one of the most meaningful periods of my life and in my career.

Randy Covitz
Kansas City Star (formerly with the Memphis Press-Scimitar)

Name: jeb hill Posted: 08.11.2004 - 01:01:31 AM
URL: www
Hometown: memphis, tennessee
wow, this reunion has jogged some great memories I had as a kid loving the Grizzlies. You guys certanly will never be forgotten, and i have really enjoyed opening up my old scrapbooks and reliving those days. thanks for everything

Name: Paul Miles Posted: 08.10.2004 - 12:24:35 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Southfield,Michigan
The Memphis Southmen Reunion was one of the highlights for me personally, I had the opportunity to see a winning team but more than that winning people who came together for bit of history, thanks again Roger,Coach Joe,Richie for your work, to Coach McVay and all the coaches&wives and players&wives ,press,publicity, trainers,doctors and fans of the Original Grizzlies,I had a great time , i was happy to bring some music to add to the fun time ... Thanks Mr Patterson for the great food and hospitality...

Thank you all again for sigining my Southmen pennant . see you in less than 30 more years...

Peace and Music Paul Miles #25

Name: Merl F. Code Posted: 08.10.2004 - 10:13:25 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Greenville , S.C.
The informal agenda allowed everyone to congregate
in the hospitality room to relive some of the
great times on and off the field.
Championship teams have blended exceptional talent
into one cohesive unit that crosses ethnic and
social barriers where 'true'friendships and respect are formed.The Southmen were a 'TRUE' team

Thanks to all that made this past weekend an unforgetable experience.

Name: Hob Reese Posted: 08.10.2004 - 09:03:12 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Derby, CT
Guys, I wish I could have made the reunion. Some might remember as the snot-nosed kid who was always hanging around and doing general office work. I used to drive the little MG Midget with the Southmen stuff painted on. You all are part of my fondest memories.

I hope you enjoyed the reunion.

Ed, I say you still made that catch against the Vulcans! We were robbed!!!

Name: Phil Stevenson Posted: 08.09.2004 - 04:52:36 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Memphis, TN
I hope that the team had a great time at the reunion. I know that we did going to the games. It would be nice to try and work something up with the NBA Grizzlies for all of us fans to say thanks to the team.

Name: JJ JENNINGS Posted: 08.09.2004 - 09:12:48 AM
URL: www
Hometown: S. Hadley, MA
Roger, Joe and Richie. just wanted to thank you for an outstanding job putting together the reunion. It was a great turnout and was so good to see everyone and relive the good times. Hopefully we can all get together soon.

JJ #36

Name: Ed Marshall Posted: 08.01.2004 - 10:11:52 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Corpus Christi Texas
Great job on gathering data regarding our football team throught the years. Here's hoping that I can make it to this great event.
Big Ed

Name: Mike Hildenbrand Posted: 07.30.2004 - 04:13:40 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Colorado
What a cool site. I am putting together the 1975 Grizzlies for the Madden 2004 PC game. I am still working on finalizing the 1975 depth chart since there aren't many references on the web, though this site helped me with some of the players.

Name: Stacey Whitis Posted: 07.26.2004 - 04:37:07 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
The website has allowed me share all of the great photos with my sons! Having something like this available makes sharing the memories even sweeter. I am very proud to be Roger Wallace's niece! Have a wonderful time at your reunion!!

Name: Bart Posted: 07.09.2004 - 03:26:08 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Birmingham
Here's an article about the Birmingham reunion:

"Players will get title rings 30 years after WFL victory"

Name: Nancy (Wallace) Tschappat Posted: 07.08.2004 - 01:07:32 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, OH
Great website! Roger being in the WFL was the best time our family ever had together. We traveled to so many of the games to root on the Grizzlies! Have fun at the reunion.

Name: Paul Miles Posted: 07.02.2004 - 02:03:09 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Southfield ,Michigan
Roger and the reunion committee, A great job in what I have seen in the site and in putting this thing together. 30 years wow !! its going to be so nice to be remembered for a historic time...Looking forward to seeing a winning team again...

Peace and Blues Paul #25

Name: Greg Allred Posted: 06.22.2004 - 02:17:48 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Hanceville, AL
Richie...excellent job on the website...1st class all the way. My congrats and best wishes for the Southmen Reunion.
BTW...please pass along an invitation to the Birmingham Americans/Vulcans reunion set for July 9-10 in Birmingham.

Name: Laurel (Wallace) Taylor Posted: 06.07.2004 - 01:59:40 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Urbana, OH

What a great website. Has brought back a lot of memories to me growing up as daughter to Roger Wallace. Glad to see the WFL memories are living on...

Name: Tom Beckman Posted: 06.04.2004 - 08:40:57 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Rochester Hills, Mi
RogerWallace and team a great job putting this event together. Hope to see you all in August

Name: Terry Lee Posted: 06.01.2004 - 11:47:22 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Can't wait to see everyone again! The August date should bring back happy memories of training camp.

Terry Lee...Dir. PR

Name: Joe Galat Posted: 06.01.2004 - 10:45:34 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Painesville, Ohio
Great job with the website and reunion plans. The Linebackers challange all other positions to outnumber them at the reunion by air,land, or sea!
Coach Joe

Name: Edward R. Meek Posted: 05.31.2004 - 09:39:42 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Grand Blanc Michigan
Richie, you did it again. The great WFL has more webspace than some of the other defunct league sites. It is a tribute to fans like yourself and others that makes this league the very best. I was a young teenager when the WFL was rolling, but I prefered the WFL to the NFL because it was new and exciting. Today I understand, through my present occupation, what it is like to play/work for teams that are financially unstable. It takes courage, pride and heart to go forward despite hard times. Case in point Florida Blazers. They played weeks without paychecks and ended up going into the playoffs....You WFLers are the reason why we keep the league alive. God bless you all.

Edward R. Meek

Name: Merl F. Code Posted: 05.28.2004 - 11:00:25 AM
URL: www
Hometown: Greenville, S.C.
This is exciting and long overdue
Thanks to all the organizers
See everyone in August

Name: Tim Beamer Posted: 05.27.2004 - 10:01:39 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Charlotte,N.C.
Hi there friends and neighbors!!!!

Can't wait to see you guys in August!!
God Bless!!...Tim

Name: JJ Jennings Posted: 05.24.2004 - 01:43:16 PM
URL: www
Richie. I am really enjoying the new website. Also, looking forward to seeing everyone in August.


Name: Jake Burkhardt Posted: 05.24.2004 - 10:44:40 AM
URL: www
Thanks you guys for all the hard work putting this reunion together. I'm really looking forward to this August, and seeing everyone in Memphis.
All the best,
Jake #66

Name: George Lapides Posted: 05.20.2004 - 05:34:07 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Memphis

I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you again. Those WFL days were as much fun as I ever had in the newspaper business and I eagerly look forward to renewing many old acquaintences as the reunion.

George Lapides
Memphis Press-Scimitar (now also gone)

Name: Joe Eaglowski Posted: 05.20.2004 - 02:11:17 PM
URL: www
Hometown: Kettering, Ohio
Looking forward to seeing the most enjoyable group I've ever been with at the reunion. I've bet Jay Fry a cooler full of Stag Beer that we will have more of my defensive guys then his offensive guys.

Name: Roger L. Wallace Posted: 05.18.2004 - 07:21:09 PM
URL: www
What a great website.Thank you Richie for all your work and enthusiasm.Long live THE WORLD FOOTBALL LEAGUE.
See you all in August.
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