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Reunion 2004:

The Southmen Players Reception was held on Friday, August 6, 2004 in Suite 1803 of the Memphis Marriott Downtown. Below are photos from the event.

Cecil Pryor, Wally Highsmith, Coach McVay, and Jerry Carter

Roger Wallace, Cecil Pryor, and Wally Highsmith

Ron Mikolajczyk and Roger Wallace

John LeHeup and Tom Kruyer

Jake Burkhardt Arrives

John Huarte Arrives

Sonny Hicks Arrives

Roger Welcomes Tom Kruyer

Fest Cotton Arrives

Sonny Hicks and Wally Highsmith

Roger Wallace and John Huarte

Fest Cotton and John LeHeup

Fest Cotton, Coach Eaglowski, and John LeHeup

Merle Code, Sonny Hicks, and Cecil Pryor

John Huarte, Wally Highsmith, Cecil Pryor, and Merle Code

John Huarte and Wally Highsmith

Annette Winters and Justin Canale

Jake Burkhardt, Roger Wallace, and Melinda Kruyer

Roger Wallace, Richie Franklin (Southmen Webmaster), and Coach John McVay

Roger Wallace and JJ Jennings
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